What is IGAPI?

The IGAPI Social Suite is a set of tools that helps you drive traffic, retain users, and engage them through social interactions. By adding the IGAPI “Action Bar" to your game or app, you allow users to interact with friends across other apps, track their progress through game mechanics, and be social!

IGAPI Launch -

Word is starting to spread about IGAPI - our platform that makes games more social and helps developers grow their audience while making the experience for users more fun. Dean Takahashi, a respected journalist recently wrote about our launch in Venture Beat.

  • Attract new users

    Want to increase revenue? Add the IGAPI Action Bar to drive traffic and deeply engage your users.

  • Reach Out

    What's the best way to reach users? By giving them what they want, of course! IGAPI connects existing social networks to facilitate play between friends. So you can build your user base and reach new audiences by serving users, instead of resorting to spammy marketing tactics.

  • Free and Easy

    You don't need extensive technical knowledge to use our tools - or an extensive budget. With our simple, straight-forward setup process, you'll have our social features running in no time, free of charge.